Casa Buena Inspections had its beginning in 2002 when our owner, Tim Hennelly, decided to make a professional transition. After owning and operating a residential contracting business for over ten years, he was ready for a change of direction that utilized his contracting experience and knowledge.

Trusting that such an opportunity would present itself, he was led toward the home inspection profession as a new career path.

Helping home buyers make informed decisions about properties they are considering purchasing is a big part of this business.


Casa Buena, which means “good house”, is how we want to describe every house after conducting a thorough property inspection for our clients.

Many houses can be described that way, others may have aged systems or components to be aware of and a few have items which can potentially be expensive to repair. Nevertheless, these items need to be put into perspective.

Our professional home inspection will identify both the good, and, if present, not so good conditions in a house. We then provide; an onsite debrief right after the inspection, an easy to read and understand report, and a concise summary with our opinion of items needing the most attention.  

However, our client support does not stop there. A client of Casa Buena inspections is a client for life so far as we are concerned. Keeping clients informed about any future appliance recalls, providing them with monthly maintenance tips and being available for follow-on questions are just some of the continuing client support benefits we provide.

So, whether you are buying, selling or just being a proactive homeowner wanting to know about the maintenance condition of your home, give us a call.