There are obviously a lot of expenses involved in the purchase of a home. I have never met anybody who wants to unknowingly incur more expenses than needed. Neither have I met a dad or mom who would unknowingly move their child or children into a potentially unsafe environment.

If the $300-$500 fee a buyer paid for a professional home inspection resulted in their learning that; the roof shingles needed replacement ($3500-$8000) or that the master shower pan needed replacement ($1200-$1500) or the furnace ($2500-$4500) or that fungal growth was excessively present, then it would be safe to say that the inspection fee was actually an investment and not an expense. These items could then be addressed before the sale of the house was finalized.

Fortunately, many inspections have findings of some combination of typical maintenance items, some safety concerns and possibly aged components. In such cases, the resulting inspection findings would be best expressed as; Inspection fee + knowledge gained = Peace of Mind.

Basically, these are the main reasons why a buyers want to have a home inspected. They need objective information in order to make an informed decision.


The answer to this one is easy and is well stated in an article from the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors;

“The buyer has the upper hand when they have an inspection,” says Jessica Edwards, Coldwell Banker consumer specialist and real estate professional. “If you are willing to do it ahead of time, you give the control back to the seller.”

Sellers who have a home inspection upfront also can identify any major problems that could potentially derail a sale later on at the closing table. Any major repairs can be addressed beforehand. Doing repairs ahead of time might also be more cost-effective than having to pay a buyer's own licensed contractor do the work.

 Here is the link to the full article;

The Buyer.

The Seller.

The Homeowner.

Being a pro-active homeowner wanting to stay ahead of potential maintenance and repair items is the main reason a homeowner has their home inspected.

Another reason for a maintenance inspection is to both identify and prioritize all repair items.

That way, a homeowner can go about maintenance and repairs in an orderly and logical manner.

Why Inspect?

​​​The answer to this question depends on who wants the inspection. Typically the person desiring an inspection would either be a buyer, a seller or a homeowner.  So let’s look at all three.